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Every year the Dominican Women’s Development Center-DWDC commemorates “November 25th: International Day of NO violence against Women” to honor the lives of the Mirabal Sisters, Mama Tingo and women who suffer violence. This commemoration is to recover the historical legacy of women that throughout history have contributed to a dream for a better world without violence. However, 54 years of the assassinations of the Mirabal Sisters and 36 years of Mama Tingo, it still scares us to know that violence continues to strive in our society and there are as many men as women who are victims of this systematic and inhuman violence that dresses up as oppression, abuse, injustice, discrimination, dispossition, health insecurities, unfair wages, homelessness, forced migration, feminization of poverty and aids, among other that issues that indicate to us the work that still needs to be fulfilled through education, organization and consciousness for the construction of a world that we want and need.
In honor of these courageous women, November 25th-the International Day of NO violence against women is commemorated. This was established at the First Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Encounter held in Bogotá, Colombia in 1981 and then declared by the UN.

Spread the word, join the fight to eliminate violence against women!

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Let’s get Real! HIV/AIDS Prevention Program: An HIV/AIDS Education and Outreach Program driven by an intergenerational team of Promotor@s and Peer Educators and a Community Business Network.  Promotor@s receive trainings on basic HIV/STI information and prevention/intervention methods to deliver safer sex materials and engage with residents within the Business Network once a week.  Our dedicated team and collaborators organize bilingual workshops, health screenings, and community events promoting within the Latin@ community a commitment to practice a healthy sexuality and an AIDS free generation.

If your business or educational setting is interested in receiving safer sex materials. Please email or fax us a Safer Sex Kit Request Form (http://www.dwdc.org/files/uploads/SaferSexKitRequestForm.docx). We promise to get back to you soon.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us on a workshop or any other activity, shoot us an email to seamosrealistas@dwdc.org.

Win for Health: In collaboration with New York Presbyterian, our lively Community Health Worker and a dedicated team of clinicians work with families on pediatric asthma and diabetes management and accessing the resources they need from housing to employment to ensure continued care. This program acts as a community liaison to ensure families have the proper tools to continue to live full lives with chronic health issues.

Know a child with Asthma or Adult with Diabetes and is constantly in and out  of New York Presbyterian Hospital? Fill out this Contact Form (http://www.dwdc.org/files/uploads/Win4Health_referral.pdf) and we’ll  follow up!


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