Monday – Friday (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Nuevo Amanecer Help Line: (212) 568-6616

Monday – Friday

(9:00 am – 5:00 pm)


Our Mission

Established in 1998, Nuevo Amanecer is a comprehensive domestic violence program created to empower Latinas who are intimate partner violence survivors (IPV) to regain control of their lives. We serve all New York City residents, focusing on those in Northern Manhattan.

Help Line

Counselors will provide bilingual support, crisis intervention, safety planning, general information and referrals.

Help Line / Línea de Apoyo

(212) 568-6616

Monday – Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Individual Counseling

Ongoing counseling sessions focused on various topics relevant to the needs of domestic violence survivors, including, but not limited to: self-esteem enhancement, the effects of domestic violence on children, power/control dynamics, assertiveness building, developing healthy relationships, financial literacy, and more.

Spanish Support Groups

Using a peer support model, support groups provide domestic violence education and emotional support. Groups are ongoing and open to women in any stage of an abusive relationship. 


Assisting survivors reach their goals and navigate systems such as:

• Housing• Assistance Finding Shelter
• Emergency Services: clothing, and transportation.
• Personal Development: GED, Training Programs, etc.
• Social Services: Public Assistance, HRA, etc.
• Criminal Justice: Orders of Protection, Legal Assistance, Police, etc.

Community Education

Nuevo Amanecer has designed and rated domestic violence awareness workshops in schools, other nonprofits, and at non-traditional settings such as barbershops, beauty, and nail salons in the Washington Heights and Inwood  neighborhoods.


Peer Leadership Empowerment Training for DV Survivor

PLET is a structured and consistent annual training for domestic violence survivors to promote healing, recovery, and financial empowerment.

For immediate assistance 24/7 call New York City Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-621 4673

Benefits to Participants

Asked Questions

Many precincts now have officers who are specifically trained to respond to domestic violence calls.  Victims of violence are not subject to arrest unless there is a history of both partners engaging in abuse. 

Please call the Program Help Line 212 568 6616 and request assistance. 

  • Many immigrants experiencing domestic violence do not feel safe reaching out for support. If you are undocumented, it’s likely that your abusive partner is aware of your citizenship status and may use this to maintain power and control over you.

    Regardless of your immigration status, there are options available to support you and keep you safe. Nuevo Amanecer can refer you to legal services providers who can assist you.

    Please call the Program Help Line 212 568 6616 and request assistance. 

If you have specific questions about a custody case, our Program can refer you to legal services providers who can assist you. Please call the Program Hotline 212 568 6616 and request assistance. 

  • If you are in fear of your safety, you may obtain a court order to prevent an individual from contacting you. Please call the Program Help Line 212 568 6616 and request assistance. 

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and other federal laws help some people who are victims of violence in the U.S. with their immigration status. In some cases, victims can apply for things like legal status, permission to work, protection from deportation in some immigration court actions, and permanent resident status.

We strongly recommend that you consult with an immigration lawyer with experience in VAWA before applying for any type of immigration status. The program can refer you to legal service providers who may be able to assist you.

Please call the Program Help Line 212 568 6616 and request assistance. 

  • Staying in a domestic violence shelter may be part of your safety plan. The safest shelter location will depend on your situation, whether you need to keep in your community close to family or a support network, or if it’s safer for you to be as far away from your abusive partner as possible.

    Sometimes, knowing what information shelter staff will need to know about your situation can help you prepare for your call. Accessing shelter services begin with a call to our Help Line 212 568 6616.

Call the program Help line and request a referral (212) 568-6616