December 1, 2016

Success Story

E.Q. is one of several clients who attended our Program that seem to have been lost in the system for a long time, often by the language barrier or lack of acknowledge of laws of this country, but unfortunately sometimes for the lack of training and sensitivity of some services providers regarding domestic violence. Since she comes to Nuevo Amanecer and thanks to continued services of personal advocacy, this client is now receiving services by Sanctuary for Families to keep the ownership of her house and maintain her order of protection. She is now able to have the legal representation she deserves and needs, while gaining the needed piece of mind to focus on her healing process through the continued provision of individual counseling and support group sessions. E.Q. feels safe, supported and empowered to reclaim her mental stability and is sure she can always count with us and her peers from Nuevo Amanecer to support her throughout this process.