Empower Parents to Nurture
Strong Educational Foundation.

Empower Parents to Nurture
Strong Educational Foundation.

Free 8:00 am-2:20 pm
Fees Apply After 2:30pm
Walk-ins Welcome
Dual Language

Our Mission

Mamá Tingó Childcare & Learning Center is a dual language multicultural program that provides quality childcare and early childhood education services to children 2-5 years of age to prepare them to succeed in school and in life.  The program promotes parents’ engagement to nurture their children’s educational, physical, and emotional needs and puts in practice the concepts learned in school at home.  The program serves over 100 families and maintains an “open door” policy where parents can come in at any time with questions, concerns, or ways to contribute to make it a better program.

Educating Our Children
For The Future

knowledge to change the world


We educate children using the NYC common standards to support the teaching. 

Children Development

Children develop their language, social emotional as well as their academics throughout frequent interactions, and play.

Dual Language

Children are exposed to a dual language (English and Spanish) creative curriculum program.

Benefits to Participants
All services are free to all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration or insurance status.

Early Start

Early literacy for children to prepare them to succeed in school.

Creating a Pathway

Preparing children for their future. 

Optimum Graduation Rate

There have been 5 graduations where 100% of the students have graduated.


Families Needs

Family assessments to determine the needs of each family by a family worker.

Health Updates

Get trained on up-to-date information on health issues.

Free Workshops

Free parenting classes through a program called “Parents In Harmony” offered by Dr. Rosa Lavergne


To stay informed with the news monthly letters that contains information of the activities as well healthy recipes.


Monthly food pantry.


Housing support to the community every Monday from 3pm-5pm.

Documents Needed

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Health insurance card
  • Physical exam
  • Vaccination records
  • Dental Record
  • NYC ID/ Driver License
  • Lease
  • Rent receipt
  • Documents from the New York City Transit Authority (NYCHA)
  • Documents from the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA)
  • Paystub
  • Con Edison Bill
  • Income Tax for the calendar year

For those who share an apartment with a family member or a friend, you will need to complete a special form from the lease holder along with any of the documents mention above.

Asked Questions

8:00 am – 2:20 pm extended time to 4:00 pm.

  • Free, depending on the year your child was born
  • Only those on the “Escort Form”

Yes, all children are accepted in our program as long as we can provide the support and services.

  • No, we are not register to administer medication.

Regular Hours of Operation

8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Monday – Friday


2340-46 Amsterdam Avenue,

NY, NY 10033

Office Number

(212) 421-3966